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Eduqas Physics for A Level Yr 1 & AS: Student Book

Author(s): Gareth Kelly, Nigel Wood

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 1 & AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-70-3

subject: Physics

Pages: 208pp



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Written by a team of authors experienced in teaching and examining Physics A Level

Each topic includes detailed explanations and underpinning knowledge, all written in clear uncomplicated language

Exam practice and skills guidance is provided for the assessment objectives

Maths techniques and skills are regularly tested throughout

Examples and worked solutions explain and reinforce understanding of key physics concepts

Numerous questions, tests and tips help ensure you have a good grasp of the key content for each topic

A vibrant colour design and detailed colour diagrams and photos make the information accessible and appealing



How to use this book

Matching A level to AS units

The AS exam

Component 1: Motion, Energy and Matter


1.1 Basic physics

1.2 Kinematics

1.3 Dynamics

1.4 Energy concepts

1.5 Solids under stress

1.6 Using radiation to investigate stars

1.7 Particles and nuclear structure

Exam practice questions

Component 2: Electricity and Light

2.1 Conduction of electricity

2.2 Resistance

2.3 DC circuits

2.4 The nature of waves

2.5 Wave properties

2.6 Refraction of light 

2.7 Photons

2.8 Lasers

Exam practice questions

Practical skills

Mathematical skills




Exam practice questions


About the authors:

Gareth Kelly CPhys, MinstP, graduated in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University.  He taught Physics at Penglais Comprehensive School, Aberystwth for 26 years.  He has been involved with A Level and GCSE Physics and Electronics for a major awarding body for over ten years.

Nigel Wood is an experienced Chief Examiner in A Level Physics for a major awarding body, and was formerly Head of Physics at Dulwich College, London.