AQA Psychology for A Level and AS – Revision Apps

By Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Michael Griffin & Rob Liddle

AQA A Level Psychology Revision Apps are ideal for consolidating knowledge.  Not only are they Revision Guides but the apps have special features to support study and revision:

  • Key points summarise all the essential knowledge and drill deeper for more detailed notes and exam advice
  • Quizzes and challenges test and reinforce knowledge and understanding
  • Web links take you to useful web pages and films
  • Exam-style questions help you study and practise for the exams
  • Definitions for key terms can be accessed as you read the content


“As a teacher the flexibility that the app gives to students is invaluable.  It is always in their pocket wherever they are and the clear layout means that they are quickly able to access the topics they are looking for.  I used to cringe when students asked if they could use their phones/iPads in lessons for research, now I actively encourage it!”

Lisa Shepherd, St Paul’s Catholic School


AQA Psychology for A Level Year 2

Price: £6.99

AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS

Price: £5.99