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WJEC Biology for AS: Study & Revision Guide

Author(s): Neil Roberts

awarding body: WJEC

level: AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-52-9

subject: Biology

Pages: 158pp



Endorsed by WJEC, this Study and Revision Guide is designed to accompany students through the course and prepare them for the final exams  

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Written by an experienced teacher and examiner

Provides the essential underpinning knowledge your students will need to recap and revise the studies, theories and key terms in their course

Supports the development of skills students need to correctly interpret and answer the new exam questions

Includes plenty of practice questions, with commentaries so students can see where mistakes are typically made and where extra marks can be gained

Exam practice and technique section offers advice on how exam questions are set and marked



How to use this book
Knowledge and Understanding:
Unit 1 - Basic Biochemistry and Cell Organisation
Chemical elements and biological compounds
Cell structure and organisation
Cell membranes and transport
Nucleic acids and their functions
The cell cycle and cell division
Unit 2 – Biodiversity and Physiology of Body Systems
Classification and biodiversity
Adaptations for gas exchange
Adaptations for nutrition
Adaptations for transport in animals
Adaptations for transport in plants
Exam preparation
Exam practice and technique
Questions and answers
Additional practice questions
Quickfire answers
Additional practice questions answers


About the author:

Dr Neil Roberts is a former Head of Biology at a Sixth Form College.  He has many years teaching A Level Biology, and has written a number of A level and GCSE Biology student guides.  As a Principal Examiner for a major exam board, he has written numerous A level Biology examination papers.  He is a fellow of the Society of Biology.