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Eduqas Biology for A Level Yr 1 & AS Revision Workbook

Author(s): Neil Roberts

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level & AS

isbn: 978-1-912820-39-9

subject: Biology

Pages: 192 pp




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This new Revision Workbook provides a comprehensive collection of examination-style questions covering each topic from Components 1 and 2 from the Eduqas Biology for A Level Year 1 and AS specifications

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Ideal for examination preparation, exam question practice and for improving examination technique

Enables students to build on their knowledge of key areas of study and develop their confidence in the subject

Helps students understand what is required in an exam and develop the skills needed to be effective in an exam situation

Includes advice on how students can refine their exam technique and improve their grade potential

The helpful write-in format, together with the answers, enables students to check their progress as they work through the course



Component 1

1.1 Chemical elements and biological compounds

1.2 Cell structure and organisation

1.3 Cell membranes and transport

1.4 Enzymes and biological reactions

1.5 Nucleic acids and their functions

1.6 The cell cycle and cell division

Component 2

2.1 Classification and biodiversity

2.2 Adaptations for gas exchange

2.3a Adaptations for transport in animals

2.3b Adaptations for transport in plants

2.4 Adaptations for nutrition

Exam papers/practice questions



About the author

Dr Neil Roberts is a former Head of Biology at a Sixth Form College.  He has many years' experience teaching A Level Biology, and has written a number of A Level and GCSE Biology student guides.  As a Principal Examiner for a major exam board he has written numerous A Level Biology examination papers.  He is a fellow the Society of Biology.