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WJEC Level 3 Applied Cert & Diploma Criminology: Rev Guide

Author(s): Carole A Henderson, Laura Neasham

awarding body: WJEC

level: Level 3

isbn: 978-1-911208-96-9

subject: Criminology

Pages: 160pp



“I have the original text book which I use religiously for revision and in lessons and when this one was released I knew I needed to have it!! It is full of revision tips and practice exam questions. It’s reassuring that it’s been written by the principal examiner and principal moderator therefore gives insight on what they expect to see in a good exam answer. This revision guide alongside the original text book will make learning the subject easier and ensure you get the best grade possible!”  5 star Amazon review


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Update July 2020: Click here for a guide to the recent changes in rules surrounding the teaching of the Certificate or Diploma in Criminology. The guide is to support the users of the Student Book when studying or teaching this qualification.

The perfect companion to the popular Level 3 Criminology Student Book, this Study and Revision Guide summarises key information in a manageable and highly-visual way.

Click here to download suggested answers to many of the activities/questions.

Written by experienced teachers and examiners Carole A Henderson and Laura Neasham

Includes a wealth of practice exam questions and model answers to help students refine their exam technique

Offers invaluable guidance to ensure students are well prepared for the controlled assessments with a summary covering key points for the Assessment Criteria 

Criminological theories are broken down and advice is provided to help students apply and evaluate these theories

Engaging activities and other stimulating features such as 'Take it further', 'Test Yourself' and 'Explore Online' consolidate learning and encourage students to put their knowledge into action



How to use this book

Unit 1 Changing Awareness of Crime

LO 1 – Understand how crime reporting affects the public perception of criminality

LO 2 – Understand how campaigns are used to elicit change

LO 3 – Plan campaigns for change relating to crime

Unit 2 Criminological Theories

LO 1 – Understand social constructions of criminality

LO 2 – Know theories of criminality

LO 3 – Understand causes of criminality

LO 4 – Understand causes of policy change

Unit 3 Crime Scene to Courtroom

LO 1 – Understand the process of criminal investigations

LO 2 – Understand the process for prosecution of suspects

LO 3 – Be able to review criminal cases

Unit 4 Crime and Punishment

LO 1 – Understand the criminal justice system in England and Wales

LO 2 – Understand the role of punishment in a criminal justice system

LO 3 – Understand measures used in social control


About the authors

Carole A Henderson is a teacher and Leader of Learning Curriculum at Durham Sixth Form Centre. She also practised as a solicitor for 10 years prior to entering the teaching profession. She is an experienced A Level Law examiner and the Principal Examiner for Level 3 Criminology for a leading awarding body.

Laura Neasham is the Head of Criminology at Durham Sixth Form Centre. She is the CPD Lead for Level 3 Criminology and is currently the Principal Moderator for Level 3 Criminology for a leading awarding body.