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Food, Hospitality and Catering

Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition: Revision Guide

Author(s): Jayne Hill

awarding body: Eduqas

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-908682-87-1

subject: Food Preparation and Nutrition

Pages: 156pp



The Revision Guide is ideal for consolidating your students’ knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a topic-by-topic summary as the course progresses.


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Information is presented in a colourful and highly visual way, with numerous photos and diagrams used to explain key concepts

It provides the essential underpinning knowledge students will need to recap and revise this new course

Mindmaps summarise the key learning for each topic

Grade Boost and QuickFire Questions help students reinforce and check their learning

Important terminology is highlighted and defined throughout

Includes practice Exam-style questions with suggested answers and commentary




Section 1 – Core Knowledge
Diet and good health
Food science
Food spoilage
Food provenance
Cultures and cuisines
Technological developments
Factors affecting food choice

Section 2 - Practical & Food Preparation Skills

Section 3 – Commodities
Fruit & vegetables
Milk, cheese & yoghurt
Meat, poultry, fish & eggs
Beans, nuts & seeds
Butter, oil, margarine & sugar

Glossary of key terms


About the author:

Jayne Hill qualified in 1978 as a Home Economics teacher from St Osyth College, Essex. She currently teaches both GCSE and A level specifications at Plymouth High School for Girls, and over her career has worked for several exam boards as both examiner and coursework moderator and latterly as principal examiner.