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Religious Studies

WJEC A2 RS - Studies in Philosophy of Religion (LEGACY SPEC)

Author(s): Delyth Ellerton-Harris

awarding body: WJEC

level: A2

isbn: 978-1-908682-10-9

subject: Religious Studies

Pages: 178 pp



"It's really clearly explained with lots of great grade boost suggestions and a fantastic exam practice section.  I'd be lost without it."

Written by a senior examiner and endorsed by WJEC, this detailed book covering A2 Religious Studies - RS3: PHIL offers students invaluable study support and authoritative guidance and advice for their final exams.

Study support:

Essential underpinning knowledge supports course study as well as revision

Examiner pointers focus students on how to use and apply what they have learned

Numerous diagrams clearly explain each concept

Key terms are clearly defined on each page

'Quickfire questions' check and reinforce students' understanding as they progress.

Revision support:

Exam practice and technique section offers advice on how exam questions are set and marked and how to boost grades

Q&A section provides numerous exam-style questions with student answers and examiner commentaries and marks

'Grade boost' examiner tips refine exam technique, improve grades and avoid common mistakes

Unit summaries provide a visual prompt for remembering key knowledge


RS3 PHIL: Studies in Philosophy of Religion
Is religious faith rational?
Is religious language meaningful?
Is religious faith compatible with scientific evidence?
Are we 'free beings'?

About the author:

Delyth Ellerton-Harris has been teaching Religious Studies across the 11-18 age range for 21 years, and has been Head of Department for 20 years.  She has also acquired considerable examining experience, having examined AS Philosophy and A2 Philosophy for a major awarding body for many years.

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