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Religious Studies

WJEC/Eduqas RS for Yr 2/A2 - Christianity Revision Guide

Author(s): Gregory A. Barker

awarding body: WJEC/Eduqas

level: A2 & Year 2

isbn: 978-1-911208-98-3

subject: Religious Studies

Pages: 104



Written by Gregory A. Barker this innovative Revision Guide provides students with an effective way to recall and revise the comprehensive content of their Religious Studies A Level Year 2 and A2 course.

It reinforces the knowledge and skills provided by the officially endorsed and popular Student Book, and takes students to the next level in preparation for their exams.


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Successful revision through an innovative and proven ‘Trigger’ approach

Essential AO1 information is provided in easy to understand bullet points, and key AO2 issues are clearly and fully explained

Students will develop the skills required to manage the essential information from the course, and transfer everything they have learned into the exam

Revision activities help students unpack their knowledge and prepare for the exam

Sample answers for AO1 and AO2 exam-style questions, with expert insight and advice on creating an effective answer

Synoptic Links show how other areas of the specification can enhance or support answers


Theme 1: Religious figures and sacred texts

D: Bible as a source of wisdom and authority

E: The early church in Acts

F: Two views of Jesus

Theme 3: Social and historical developments

A: Attitudes toward wealth

B: Migration and Christianity in the UK

C: Feminist theology and the changing role of men and women

D: Challenges from secularisation

E: Challenges from science

F: Pluralism and diversity in Christianity

Theme 4: Religious practices and religious identity

D: Religious identity through unification

E: Religious identity through religious experience

F: Religious identity through responses to poverty and injustice

Using Triggers to create exam answers

Synoptic links

AO1 responses: essential guidance

AO2 responses: essential guidance



About the authors:

Gregory A. Barker is a Fellow at the University of Winchester and a former Head of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales. Greg is also a published author, CPD presenter and also hosts revision events for students and teachers at schools across the United Kingdom.