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WJEC A2 Maths Core 3 & 4: Study and Rev Guide (LEGACY SPEC)

Author(s): Stephen Doyle, edited by Dr Howard Thomas

awarding body: WJEC

level: A2

isbn: 978-1-908682-03-1

subject: Mathematics

Pages: 214 pp



"Great little book...
This book is fairly succinct, but it covers the WJEC C3 and C4 syllabus really well. Lots of exercises and past paper questions make it a great revision tool, too. I would recommend this book highly to anyone studying A2 with WJEC."

Endorsed by WJEC and written by the bestselling author Stephen Doyle and edited by Dr Howard Thomas, former Senior Examiner for a major awarding body.  This study and revision guide provides complete support for students studying WJEC A2 Maths Core 3 and 4 for the very first time.  Each book contains a range of features designed to support students in their studies AND help them prepare for their final exams.


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Study support:

Essential underpinning notes provide all the knowledge required for exam success

Detailed explanations within numerous examples help students understand the thinking behind each step and consolidate learning

Test Yourself questions help practice and reinforce knowledge on each topic

Examiner pointers focus students on how to use and apply what they have learnt to ensure exam success

Revision support:

Questions of sufficient complexity are included throughout to give students thorough exam practice

Examination-style questions further test and reinforce knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for the exams 

Q&A section provides further exam-style questions with model students answers at two grade levels, and examiner commentaries and marks.  Students can see where mistakes are typically made and where marks can be gained

'Grade Boosts' refine exam technique, help improve a grade and avoid common mistakes


Part One: Knowledge and Understanding

C3  Pure Mathematics 3
1 Trigonometry
2 Functions
3 ex , In x and their graphs
4 Differentiation
5 Integration of ex, 1/x, sin x and cos x
6 Roots, iterative methods and numerical integration of functions

C4 Pure Mathematics 4
1 Binomial series, simplification of expressions and partial fractions
2 Trigonometry
3 Cartesian and parametric equations of curves
4 Simple differential equations and exponential growth and decay
5 Integration
6 Vectors

Part Two: Exam Practice and Technique

How the questions are set
How the answers are marked
Exam performance advice

Questions, Answers and examiner commentaries

About the authors:

Stephen Doyle is an experienced Mathematics teacher, examiner and bestselling author with over 30 years experience.  He has taught in a variety of schools and colleges and has written and contributed to numerous books and other learning resources.

Dr Howard Thomas has many years of experience as Principal Examiner for A Level Mathematics for a major awarding body.  An experienced author and editor, Howard recently retired from teaching at Cardiff Sixth Form College.