CBAC TGAU Addysg Gorfforol – Canllaw Astudio Ac Adolygu (WJEC GCSE PE Introduction to Physical Education: Study and Revision Guide)

Sean Williams

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Publication date: 16/10/18

Pages: 136pp

Exam board: WJEC

Level: GCSE

Subject: PE and Sport

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Welsh Language Edition.

So much more than a traditional revision resource, this Study and Revision Guide has been carefully designed to give students clear guidance on every aspect of the GCSE course and prepare them thoroughly for their final exams.

  • Written by an experienced teacher and examiner and endorsed by WJEC, it provides high quality support you can trust.
  • The innovative design allows the content of each topic to be covered in a three-step sequence: knowledge and understanding (AO1) pages begin each topic, followed by (AO2) application of knowledge and then (AO3) analysis & evaluation.
  • Comprehensive support for Unit 1  Introduction to Physical Education.
  • Clear and succinct presentation of the key information needed per topic, ensuring students are fully equipped for assessment.
  • The innovative page design allows a clear focus on the assessment needs for exam success.
  • Recap and summaries per topic present information in diagrammatic and visual styles to aid the revision process.

Sean Williams has lead and taught Physical Education for over 20 years, and has been a Principal Examiner and Moderator for a major awarding body for over 15 years. In that time he has been responsible for specification development, resources, CPD and assessment and has also been involved in Curriculum development at a National Level

“Great help for our kids during their GCSEs.”
5 star Amazon review

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