AQA A Level Drama Play Guide: The Glass Menagerie Boost eBook

Annie Fox

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Publication date: 30/09/22

Pages: 128pp

Exam board: AQA

Level: A Level

Subject: Drama

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Boost eBooks are interactive, accessible and flexible. They use the latest research and technology to provide the very best experience for students and teachers.

This Play Guide is specifically written for A Level students who are studying The Glass Menagerie as part of the AQA A Level Drama & Theatre specification and is now available as a Boost eBook. It provides structured support for Component 1, Section B – Drama and theatre

This book is divided into three sections:

– How to explore a text for A level Drama and Theatre, with vocabulary-building sections on acting, directing and design
– An extended exploration of the play to enrich students’ understanding and response to the text
– Targeted examination preparation to improve writing and test-taking skills

  • Fully supports the written examination and helps students develop their key knowledge and understanding of key A Level drama & theatre skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of the play are developed with a synopsis, character and scene studies, contextual and practical exploration
  • Includes a wide range of practical drama tasks, activities, and research and revision exercises
  • Advice on how to interpret and prepare for exam questions with examples of effective responses

Annie Fox was the Head of Drama and Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Pupils in a state comprehensive that routinely achieved outstanding results. After studying in New York and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, she worked as an actor for over a decade, before training to teach. She has played a key role in training Drama teachers and been an Associate Moderator for a major awarding body. Annie is also an experienced English teacher and author.

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