CBAC TGAU Rhifedd Canllaw Adolygu ac Ymarfer (WJEC GCSE Numeracy Revision Guide & Exam Practice)

Nathan Hardee

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Publication date: 14/10/21

Pages: 192pp

Exam board: WJEC

Level: GCSE

Subject: Maths, Numeracy and Statistics

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Welsh Language Edition.

Written by an experienced GCSE Numeracy teacher and Numeracy co-ordinator, this practical guide will support students throughout their GCSE course and help prepare them for their exams.

  • Ideal for Foundation and Intermediate students, it provides core numeracy knowledge together with plenty of exam practice in clear, easy to follow sections.
  • Worked examples and supported questions for each topic help students to understand what the theory means in practice, and how maths skills are used in a real-world context.
  • The interleaving of different mathematical concepts throughout the book allows students to gain confidence in answering GCSE Numeracy questions that combine multiple mathematical skills.
  • Tips and hints throughout help students avoid common mistakes and identify which maths skill a question is looking for.
  • Includes past GCSE exam questions within topics to give students experience of understanding and applying their knowledge to a real exam situation.

Nathan Hardee is an experienced maths teacher and has predominantly taught in schools in South Wales. A former Numeracy coordinator and Learning and Teaching coach, he is currently Assistant Leader of Learning for Mathematics and STEM coordinator at Whitmore High School, Barry.

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