Digital Book Bundles

What is a Digital Book Bundle?

Our Digital Book Bundles are custom-made digital resources, designed to be used alongside our textbooks to enhance teaching and learning. The Bundle comprises a Teacher Digital Book and a Student Digital Book. Each Bundle is available at a one-off affordable price – this is not a subscription product. For more information on the functionality and content of each Bundle, please visit the relevant product page, listed below.

How do I evaluate a Digital Book Bundle?

Our Digital Book Bundles are available for a free trial, with no strings attached. Access is time unlimited. Simply click on the ‘Free Trial’ button alongside your chosen product and complete the online form. You will then be sent an email with a password and username to access the website. Please note that access will only be granted to teachers in schools or colleges and we require a school or college email address. For more information see the full Digital Book Bundle Terms and Conditions.