WJEC Vocational Award Engineering Level 1/2

WJEC Vocational Award Engineering Level 1/2 Product analysis Product analysis is a way of analysing products against specific criteria . So, you could look at and feel an existing product (e.g. the mobile phone in your pocket) and then ask: ‘Does it look good? Is it easy to hold? Is it easy to use? Is it heavy or light?’ And by asking these questions you begin to find answers that would help you create a mobile phone with all the best features from the one you have analysed. What other questions should you ask when analysing existing products? Fortunately, there exists a simple model you can use that contains many of the headings and titles that could be used to analyse a product. However, be aware that this is a simple model and only has the most basic titles. Adding more titles (asking more questions) is also good practice as it allows you to gather even more detailed information. To analyse a product a good starting point would be to use the model ACCESSFM, as shown in the following table: ACCESSFM A = AESTHETIC • The way the product looks. • Does the target market think it looks good? • Has it been finished well with appropriate colours? C = COST £ • How much does the product cost to buy? • How much to make? • How much to run? • Can the target market afford it? • Is it a premium or low-cost product? C = CUSTOMER • Who is the customer/target market? • What appeals to the customer/target market and why? • Do the customers/target market need or want the product? (continued overleaf) Criteria: specific headings or titles. Key term Target market: the group of users you will be designing for. Key term 62