WJEC Vocational Award Constructing the Built Environment Level 1/2

SKILLS The pizza box is a good example of an everyday and highly efficient control measure. It took considerable resources to make the box a reality. Let’s recognise what a control measure is and understand the value it has. A control measure generally has five simple categories and the pizza box applies to every one of these. If one of these categories applies to something, then it can be classed as a control measure. 1 Elimination : The deli allowed the pizza to stand for a few minutes before placing it in the box, eliminating the chance of a hand being burnt. 2 Substitution : The china plate was substituted for a corrugated cardboard box and special cheese selected for its rapid-setting character was used. 3 Engineering : The box was designed by a specialist packaging engineer from sustainable materials and the pizzas are a consistent size and shape. 4 Administration : The deli manager has ordered a regular and consistent supply of boxes from a reliable manufacturer, with ‘Caution hot food’ printed on them. 5 PPE : The box acts as a device that protects your hands from being burnt by the hot pizza. The deli workers use safety mitts when handling all hot food. Customers are pleased to be able to safely purchase, transport, share, eat and enjoy their pizzas. Once finished, they can recycle the sustainable packaging and look forward to their next treat. The experience has been a positive and productive one, for both the customer and the deli. LO3 Understand how to minimise risks to health and safety AC3.1 Explain existing health and safety control measures in different situations Policing health and safety matters Do you have a friend or family member who is accident prone or needs a little extra help doing day-to-day tasks? Maybe someone you know always seems to have a bandage or plaster-cast on? The fact is that we are all different and we all need help, even with the simple things in life. Just imagine attempting to carry a hot pizza home from the deli on a china plate – you need help, right? That’s why we have packaging, like a box, simple! Well this packaging is just another form of control measure. It prevents you from getting burnt and protects your pizza. Sustainabilty: Within the construction industry relates to adequate appreciation, management and use of the limited three precious things that we all have in common: 1 Health: For example, the mental/physical health of an individual, commercial health of a business or the wellbeing of both. 2 Time: For example, programme, time constraints and limited or restricted opportunity to access the works. 3 Resources: The availability of materials, labour, plant, minerals, water, education and skills. (All of the above are non-exhaustive.) KEY TERM 38 Unit 1 Safety and Security in Construction