WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for AS & Year 1 SRG

100 blk - Sociology for AS & Year 1 www.illuminatepublishing.com Written by the leading Sociology author Janis Griffiths, this new study and revision guide has been designed to accompany you through the AS or Year 1 of the new Sociology course as well as prepare you for the final exams. Study support: ⦁ Comprehensive coverage in five key topic areas: Socialisation and culture, Families and households, Youth cultures, Education and Sociological research methods ⦁ Essential underpinning knowledge with just the right amount of information for you to perform well in the exams ⦁ Key words are defined on each page ⦁ Visual mindmaps and graphics help explain each concept ⦁ Activities and Check Your Learning questions help reinforce your understanding as you progress through the course ⦁ Assessment Objective information links knowledge to specific exam assessment requirements Revision support: ⦁ Structured pathway through each topic provides a helpful initial overview, identifies key concepts and discusses key theories and then concludes with an examination focus per topic ⦁ Assessment Spotlight helps show you how to deploy your knowledge in the exam ⦁ Tips help you strengthen your answers ⦁ Practice exam questions with model answers and commentaries help identify what makes a good answer and why ⦁ Extra appendices on key sociological researchers, writers and theorists. About the author: Janis Grif ths was formerly a Head of Department at a large secondary school in South Wales, and Principal Examiner for Sociology for a major awarding body. She is an experienced author and editor and has contributed to a wide range of successful books and teaching resources. WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for A2 & Year2 Study and Revision Guide 978-1-911208-13-6 WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for AS & Year1 Student book 978-1-908682-74-1 WJEC/Eduqas Sociology for A2 & Year2 Student book 978-1-908682-75-8 Other titles of interest: