WJEC/Eduqas Media Studies for A Level Yr 2 & A2:SB

1 Applying the Media Studies Framework The Theoretical Framework: A Reminder You will have gained an understanding of the theoretical framework in Year 1 of the course and used it to support your analysis of the set products. This framework continues to be the focus of your understanding in Year 2. It will provide you with the tools to engage in critical understanding and analysis of the media. The framework consists of four inter-related areas: • Media Language : how the media communicates meaning through their forms, codes, conventions and techniques • Representation : how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups • Media Industries : how the processes of production, distribution and circulation engaged in by the media affect media forms and platforms • Audiences : how media forms target, reach and address audiences. How audiences respond to media forms and how audience members become producers themselves. The theoretical framework is explored in detail in Chapter 1 of the Year 1 book, what follows is a brief recap of the key elements. The additional aspects of theory and the theoretical perspectives required for the second year of the A Level course will also be briefly dealt with in this chapter; they will be explored and applied to specific media products in more detail in the relevant chapters of this book. Media Language In developing your ability to critically analyse the media and its products you will need to use your ‘Analysis Toolkit’, which will equip you to engage in complex analysis both inside the classroom and when conducting your own independent research. You will need to understand how products constructed with encoded messages are decoded by the audience. What follows is a brief reminder of the aspects of media language which will be relevant to your A Level studies: the ‘Toolkit’. Technical Codes Technical codes contribute to the construction of media products and communicate messages to the audience. Technical codes are important in the analysis of both audio-visual and print products. The theoretical Media Studies framework is explored in detail in Chapter 1 of the Year 1 book. Link All of the work you have done and the skills you have acquired in Year 1 of the course will be used and developed in the second year. Revising the Year 1 work will be essential as you embark upon Year 2. Tip When you are exploring the techniques used in media products to communicate meaning, remember to discuss the purpose and the effect on the audience. Tip You will need to use the Year 1 book in conjunction with this book and revise the work done in the first year of the course. Tip What is a media platform? Rapid Recall 1.1 What term is used to describe audience members who make their own media content? Rapid Recall 1.2 6