WJEC/Eduqas GCSE Media Studies: Revision Guide

Print and Online Options Online and print briefs are likely to stipulate: • A minimum number of original images : make sure you include these • The exact pages that must be created: do not create different types of page • Written text that must be included: check that you produce the required number of words. Online options require specific audio or audio-visual material to be embedded in the website: make sure you include this when you plan and construct your production. Each set brief will specify additional elements relevant to the form and genre that you must include! Researching and Planning the Production This stage is very important, as it will enable you to respond to the brief and prepare an appropriate production, applying your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework. You should undertake the following forms of independent research: • Textual analysis of existing media products • Secondary research into the way in which the audiences for these products have been targeted • Primary research into the target audience group specified in the brief. What Products Should I Research? You should select two or three products to research that are similar to the production that you intend to create. Why should you textually analyse products in the same form and genre, and targeting a similar target audience, as the set brief? Analyse the specific elements of the products that you will need to create. If the brief is an opening sequence, analysis of opening sequences would help you to understand the conventions that you should apply to your own production. Checklist of Key Points Reminder Quickfire Revision 7.3 Top Revision Tip 7.3 Keep a copy of the brief in your file and refer to it regularly. You could tick off the minimum requirements as you complete them. Top Revision Tip 7.2 The research that you should undertake is explained in detail on pages 189–191 of the student book. Link If you are creating a music magazine, for example, you might research specialist publications such as MOJO and Uncut . 173 7 Preparing for Component 3: Creating Media Products