WJEC Chemistry for AS: Student Bk

How to use this book What this book contains The contents of this book match the specification for WJEC AS Level Chemistry. It provides you with information and practice examination questions that will help you to prepare for the examinations at the end of the year. This book covers all three of the Assessment Objectives required for your WJEC Chemistry course. The main text covers the three Assessment Objectives: ▪ AO1 Knowledge and Understanding ▪ AO2 Application of Knowledge and Understanding. ▪ AO3 Analyse, interpret and evaluate information, ideas and evidence This book also addresses: ▪ The mathematics of chemistry, which will represent a minimum of 20% of your assessment, with explanations and worked examples. ▪ Practical work. The assessment of your practical skills and understanding of experimental chemistry represents a minimum of 15%, and will also be developed by your use of this book. Some practical tasks are integrated into the chapters. The book content is clearly divided into the units of this course. These are Unit 1 – The Language of Chemistry, Structure of Matter and Simple Reactions, and Unit 2 – Energy Rate and Chemistry of Carbon Compounds. Each chapter covers one topic. Each topic is divided into a number of sub-topics, which are listed at the start of each chapter, as a list of learning objectives. Following this, there are a number of practice exam questions designed to help you to practise for the examinations and to reinforce what you have learned. Answers to these questions are given at the end of the book. Marginal features The margins of each page hold a variety of features to support your learning: Key Terms These are terms that you need know how to define. They are highlighted in blue in the body of the text. Knowledge check These are short questions for you to check whether you have followed the material in the text as you go along, and allow you to apply the knowledge you have acquired. Answers are given at the back of the book. Study point These contain advice that may help to clarify certain points or aspects of each topic, or help you understand and use the knowledge content. & S C Stretch & Challenge This may provide material that while it might not be in the main text, or strictly in the specification and the exam, it will still be relevant to it. It may provide new material that is of interest, and helps to broaden your understanding overall. Examtip This feature provides advice based on the examiner’s experience, and highlights certain points that often cause problems for students. From time to time facts and points appear that are relevant to different parts of the specification, so it will broaden your understanding overall if these connections are made. YOU SHOULD KNOW › › › Learning objectives are provided for each main sub-topic. PRACTICAL CHECK Occasionally a topic covers an experiment or a practical that is a specified practical task . This feature appears alongside in the margin to highlight its importance and to give you some extra information and hints on understanding it fully. Extra Help These are helpful hints or extra explanations of key points. Link ! 4 WJEC AS Level Chemistry