WJEC Chemistry for AS Level: Revision Workbook

www.illuminatepublishing.com WJEC Chemistry for AS Level Written by experienced examiners and authors Rhodri Thomas and Lindsay Bromley, this Revision Workbook has been designed to give you numerous opportunities to develop your examination technique during your AS Level course in preparation for your final exams. ▶ ▶ Covers Unit 1 The Language of Chemistry, Structure of Matter and Simple Reactions and Unit 2 Energy, Rate and Chemistry of Carbon Compounds ▶ ▶ A visual summary of each topic ensures you know exactly what you need to revise and understand ▶ ▶ Student answers to questions are provided at higher and lower grade levels to allow you to compare each and understand how and why marks are gained or lost ▶ ▶ Advice is given to help you recognise different types of question and command words used in them ▶ ▶ A checklist of common exam mistakes is provided to help you improve your performance in the exam ▶ ▶ Includes two complete practice exam papers ▶ ▶ Answers are provided for all practice questions in each topic and for both practice exam papers. Revision Workbook About the authors: Rhodri Thomas is currently a Deputy Head with many years’ experience of teaching chemistry in schools and universities in the UK and overseas. He is an experienced examiner and is currently a Principal Examiner for A Level Chemistry for a major awarding body. Lindsay Bromley initially worked as a senior research scientist in industry before becoming a teacher, and is a Principal Examiner in Chemistry at A Level for a major awarding body. WJEC Chemistry for AS Level 2nd Edition ISBN 978-1-912820-56-6 WJEC Chemistry AS Level Study and Revision Guide ISBN 978-1-908682-56-7 Also in this series: