The Crucible Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama

The Crucible Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama This Play Guide is a comprehensive study and revision resource designed to fully support you throughout all aspects of Component 1 for the AQA GCSE Drama course, and is specifically written for students following Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as the set text. Each section of the book focuses on a separate section of the exam specification, and there is also advice on improving your writing and on exam skills. Additionally you will find: ● support for all three sections of Component 1 Understanding Drama (A Theatre Roles and Responsibilities, B Study of a Set Play, C Understanding Drama - Live Theatre Production) ● help in building up your key knowledge and understanding of The Crucible ● a wide range of practical drama tasks, activities and revision exercises ● support in reading, understanding and answering exam questions ● key terms and key drama vocabulary to help you express your ideas fluently and appropriately ● free-to-download worksheets based on exercises and tasks in the book About the author: Annie Fox was the Head of Drama and Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Pupils in a state comprehensive school that routinely achieved outstanding results. After studying in New York and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, she worked as an actor for over a decade, before training to teach. She has played a key role in training Drama teachers and been an Associate Moderator for a major awarding body. Annie is also an experienced English teacher and author. Blood Brothers Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama ISBN 978 1 911208 70 9 The 39 Steps Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama ISBN 978 1 911208 72 3 AQA GCSE Drama ISBN 978 1 911208 21 1 9 781911 208716 ISBN 978-1-911208-71-6