OCR Advanced FSMQ - Additional Maths

I S B N 978-1-908682-47-5 9 7 8 1 9 0 8 6 8 2 4 7 5 www.illuminatepublishing.com This new textbook for the FSMQ Additional Mathematics qualification is a clear and helpful guide. It includes a range of features that will help you succeed in your studies: A step-by-step approach encourages progression in your skills and understanding Just the right amount of information is presented at each stage, helping you build your confidence All the key concepts and techniques are fully explained with plenty of practice examples Exam practice and skills guidance is provided with tests, progress checks and exam practice sections that include previous OCR exam questions Extra notes, tips and pointers highlight key points to understand and common candidate errors to avoid Topic summaries provide a handy overview of important formulae and key learning points. About the author: Stephen Doyle is a Mathematics teacher, examiner and best-selling author with over 30 years’ teaching experience. He has taught in a variety of schools and colleges and has written and contributed to numerous books and other learning resources. OCR Advanced FSMQ Additional Mathematics 5 44 44 95 blk - atches cover jpeg black 55 40 30 100 blk - deeper black