Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition sample

95 FRUIT AND VEGETABLES SECTION 3 Sample exam question and answers with commentaries Q1 Explain how vitamin C can be retained when preparing and cooking fruit and vegetables. Model answer When buying fruit and veg make sure that they are fresh because if they are not much of the vitamin C will have been lost. Store the fruit and veg in a cool, dark place. When preparing always use a sharp knife to slice or dice. This minimises cell wall damage, reducing oxidation which damages vitamin C. Don’t prepare fruit and vegetables in advance otherwise vitamin C will be lost. Never soak vitamin C rich fruit and veg, especially sprouts and cabbage, because the vitamin C will be lost into the water. Steam the vegetables wherever possible because this helps to retain vitamin C or cook the vegetables in the least amount of water for the shortest amount of time. Serve them immediately. Weak answer Never chop or soak fruit and vegetables because this will cause vitamin C loss. Don’t overcook vegetables and use the vegetable water in the gravy. Commentary This answer is excellent. It shows good knowledge of how vitamin C is lost during storage, preparation and cooking. Some ‘at risk’ vegetables have been identi ed. There is an understanding of how to minimise vitamin C loss. Commentary Although two good points have been made this is still classed as a limited answer, so would be awarded lower marks. Compare the detail given in this answer with the model answer. Q2 Howwould you cook fresh broccoli? Model answer In a steamer or in a saucepan covered with a lid. Use the least amount of water and cook for the shortest amount of time until the stems are slightly soft. Weak answer In a pan of water. Boil until cooked. Commentary This answer would achieve top marks. Both boiling and steaming have been identi ed. Candidate has knowledge that broccoli should not be cooked in large quantities of water. Commentary This is a basic answer because the candidate has only mentioned boiling in water without any further detail. RAFT