AQA Media Studies for A Level Year 1 & AS: Revision Guide Written by an experienced author and teacher with examining experience, this accessible and practical guide focuses on the two main areas that you will be assessed on: the theoretical framework and the close study products (CSPs). ´ ´ Contains just the right amount of detail you need to recap and revise the key content from the course ´ ´ Includes a wealth of activities to help you apply your knowledge and develop your understanding ´ ´ Provides examples of analysis across the nine media forms using the theoretical framework and a selection of both the targeted and in depth CSPs ´ ´ Offers revision strategies to help you revise and prepare your knowledge of the framework. Media Studies AQA for A Level Year 1 & AS About the author: Stephanie Hendry has over twenty years’ experience as a Media Studies teacher, and has developed and run a high achieving Media Studies course at a leading College in Lancashire. She is the author of a range of A Level Media resources and has been at the forefront of Teacher Support and CPD delivery for ten years, writing and delivering training for Media Studies teachers. Stephanie also has examining and moderating experience. Also in this series: AQA Media Studies for A Level Year 2 Revision Guide 978-1-912820-19-1 AQA Media Studies for A Level Year 1 and AS 978-1-911208-03-7 AQA Media Studies for A Level Year 2 978-1-911208-09-9 Revision Guide 37 26 13 100 blk - matches illuminate logo blac