AQA A Level Drama Play Guide: The Glass Menagerie

4 AQA A-Level Drama: Section A AQA A Level Drama Introduction This book is designed to guide you through all the elements of your AQA A Level Drama and Theatre Component 1, Section B exam, when your set text is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. For this section of the exam, you will answer all sections of a question that will ask you to think practically as a designer, performer or director about The Glass Menagerie. The question will be based on a speci ed extract from the play. Topics you might be asked about include: how you would direct performers to achieve a certain effect as a performer, how you would provoke a particular response from the audience as a designer, how you would contribute to the play’s moods or themes. In all cases, you will be expected to make reference to the 20th- or 21st-century social, cultural and/or historical context of the play. Your production and performance choices should be appropriate for the play as a whole. 5 Alina Cojocaru as Laura, with Edvin Revazov as Tennessee (Hamburg State Opera in a ballet version by John Neumeier, 2019) Tip It is important to remember that this is a Drama and Theatre exam, not an English Literature one. You will need to use the vocabulary of drama rather than literature and be thinking of how a production might look and sound on a stage in front of an audience. What is assessed Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre A set play from List B. In order to prepare fully for this exam, you must have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of performers, designers and directors and how they might use their practical skills to interpret a text. You should be con dent in using the correct theatre terminology and in being able to analyse the speci c skills needed to achieve your desired effects as a theatre maker. Copyright: Sample material