The 39 Steps Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama

Annie Fox

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Publication date: 05/03/19

Pages: 152pp

Exam board: AQA

Level: GCSE

Subject: Drama

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This Play Guide provides structured support for the three Sections that are all part of Component 1: Understanding Drama in the AQA GCSE Drama specification:

Section A: Theatre Roles and Responsibilities
Section B: Study of a Set Play
Section C: Understanding Drama – Live Theatre Production

  • Fully supports the written examination and helps students develop their key knowledge and understanding of the set plays.
  • Knowledge and understanding are developed alongside the key drama skills through a range of practical ideas and activities, tasks and exercises.
  • Includes a dedicated section on how to improve exam and writing skills with a number of practice exam-style questions.

Worksheets to accompany the tasks and activities featured in each Play Guide are available to download for FREE on the Resources and Downloads tab.

Annie Fox was the Head of Drama and Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Pupils in a state comprehensive that routinely achieved outstanding results.  After studying in New York and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, she worked as an actor for over a decade, before training to teach. She has played a key role in training Drama teachers and been an Associate Moderator for a major awarding body.  Annie is also an experienced English teacher and author.

“This is a fantastic resource. I really love that the book provides a clear breakdown of the dreaded written exam. It’s a comprehensive guide to the theatre roles and key terminology they will need to be able to use, a detailed exploration of how a variety of theatre makers might explore the set text, and there’s a third invaluable section about how to successfully analyse a live production. You can tell it has been written by an experienced teacher as there are plenty of exercises that you can use – just as they are, or adapted for other units. As a teacher who has more experience in acting and directing, I was so grateful to find plenty of examples of how a range of theatre designers would approach the text. Impressed with the price too – I would definitely recommend to students and teachers!”
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To accompany the tasks and activities featured in each Play Guide, worksheets are available to download for free.
Worksheets include Tasks, Learning checklists, Test yourself activities and Sample answers


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