Maths for A Level Biology – A Course Companion

Dr Marianne Izen

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EVALUATEFor teachers in schools/colleges only
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Publication date: 20/01/16

Pages: 167pp

Exam board: Non-board specific

Level: A Level & AS

Subject: Biology

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This book will help your students develop a thorough understanding of the essential mathematical skills required in A Level Biology.

  • Supports the core mathematical skills that have an increased relevance and importance in A Level Biology specifications.
  • Reassuring support for students who do not have a strong maths background.
  • Clearly explains how numerical, geometrical and statistical concepts are used in A Level Biology and post-16 biology courses and how students should approach these concepts when taking these courses and sitting their exams.
  • Explains each mathematical concept using plenty of relevant worked examples, with advice on how to avoid common misunderstandings when making calculations.
  • Helps students decode examination questions to find the biological question being asked and put the problem into a mathematical form to find an answer.
  • The material has been mapped against the mathematical requirements for the A Level Biology courses from AQA, Pearson, OCR, WJEC, CCEA, the International Baccalaureate and the Cambridge Pre-U.

Dr Marianne Izen has over thirty years' experience as an A Level Biology teacher and examiner, and has provided science teacher training for schools across the UK.  Before teaching, Marianne conducted research in universities in both the UK and the USA, on plant cells and published papers on their behaviour in tissue culture.  She is a Principal Examiner for a major awarding body.

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