Eduqas GCSE Media Studies: Theoretical Perspectives and Contexts

Hayley Sheard

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Publication date: 29/04/24

Pages: 160pp

Exam board: WJEC Eduqas

Subject: Media Studies

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Coming Spring 2024

An accessible and engaging study guide to support students in two key areas of the Eduqas GCSE Media Studies course: theoretical perspectives and contexts.

  • Explanation of the key theoretical perspectives relating to Media Language, Representation and Audiences.
  • Detailed focus on the named theories: Propp’s theory of Narrative, and Blumler and Katz’s Uses and Gratifications Theory.
  • Application of theoretical perspectives to a range of media products, to reinforce key ideas and enhance understanding.
  • Outline of social, cultural, historical and political contexts; and the exploration of different media forms and products in relation to these contexts.
  • A range of activities to engage students and help extend their knowledge and understanding.
  • Explanation of key theoretical ideas and terminology.

Theoretical perspectives help students develop knowledge and understanding of the media and support analysis of media products.

The study of contexts is important in understanding media products in relation to the time and place in which they are produced.

Hayley Sheard is an experienced examiner and is currently a senior moderator for a major awarding body. She taught in the sixth form sector for over fifteen years where she was also Head of Media Studies. Hayley has extensive experience of delivering training and CPD to teachers across the country.

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