AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Digital Book Bundle – 2nd Edition

Cara Flanagan, Matt Jarvis, Rob Liddle, Jo Haycock, Diana Jackson-Dwyer

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Publication date: 07/05/20

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Exam board: AQA

Level: A Level Year 1 & AS

Subject: Psychology

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Designed to support you planning and delivering this course this is a 2nd edition of the immensely popular web-based resource comprising 2nd Edition Student and Teacher Digital Books for Year 1 and AS.

Each bundle is a one-off price – no annual subscription charges and no price band per size of institution.

Please note that customers of the 1st Edition Digital Book Bundle are entitled to purchase the 2nd Edition at a fantastic discount! Please click here to download the offer order form.

If you are an existing customer of the 1st Edition Digital Book Bundles, you will still have access to these for the duration of the specification.

Features of the Digital Book Bundle:

Student Digital Book

Digital version of the 2nd Edition Year 1 & AS Student Book your students can access wherever they are online.
Features linked to every topic and spread in the book which provide invaluable material that enhances the use of the Student Book:

  • ‘Lifelines’ are very straightforward, easy-to-digest key descriptive points for the spread topic.  Ideal for students struggling to grasp the essential point
  • ‘Evaluation extra’ provide a slightly elaborated version with a conclusion to model for students how they can extend their points and provide a conclusion.
  • ‘Extensions’ – extra information, studies or activities challenge and stretch higher ability students further / Answers are provided for all the ‘Apply it’ questions in the Student Book
  • Web links to relevant and useful YouTube videos or other sites
  • Quizzes – interactive, self-marking quizzes will help to check and reinforce your students’ understanding of a topic
  • Practice questions – lots of extra questions help your students practise and prepare for their exams

Teacher Digital Book

All the content and functionality of the Student Digital Book plus a rich bank of ready-to-run resources with detailed teacher notes to help you design a scheme of work.
Each topic has a range of supporting activities and resources in PDF and PowerPoint format, for example:

  • Opportunities to practise AO2 application skills
  • Practical research activities
  • Consolidation activities for reflection or revision
  • Research methods activities
  • PowerPoint presentations to introduce topics
  • Presentation tools will help you present the Digital Book to your students in class:
  • Pen for annotations and a highlighter with a choice of colours
  • Hide/show feature for annotations
  • Eraser for deleting any annotation
  • Page zoom for magnifying selected parts of the page.

Teacher Digital Book:

Cara Flanagan is one of the best-known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology. A practised teacher with examining experience and a well-known conference presenter, Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Jo Haycock is Head of Psychology and Sixth Form at Sir John Talbot’s School, Shropshire and runs a teacher support group for A Level Psychology teachers.  Jo was an Associate Lecturer for the Open University and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education.

Diana Jackson-Dwyer is an experienced psychology author at A Level and undergraduate level and is a former senior examiner.  Diana has a masters degree in Psychology and has taught A Level Psychology for 35 years.

Student Digital Book:

Cara Flanagan is one of the best-known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology. A practised teacher with examining experience and a well-known conference presenter, Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Dave Berry is an experienced psychology teacher and examiner. He regularly leads face-to-face and online training courses for a major awarding body. Dave teaches psychology at Bolton School, Lancashire.

Matt Jarvis currently teaches psychology at a sixth form college in Hampshire. An experienced teacher of psychology from GCSE through to post-graduate level, Matt has authored numerous psychology textbooks. Matt is Honorary Research Fellow at Keele University and also has examining experience.

Rob Liddle has more than twenty years' teaching experience in psychology, from GCSE to postgraduate study. A psychology graduate with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Rob is an established author with examining experience.

“This is an excellent resource for the new specification that provides a series of visually engaging topic areas that focus well on the requirements of the new exam. The accompanying digital bundle gives the students the opportunity to further develop the independent study skills that are an essential requirement for success at A level.”  
Mark Jones, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

“I have been very pleased with the resource. I bought the Digital Book Bundle, which has been tremendously helpful in terms of the additional information and activities within it.”
Chris Asker, Head of Psychology, Bexley Grammar School

“The Digital bundle has been an excellent and well researched resource.  It provides many activities for students to apply their knowledge, a key skill in Psychology.  The range of activities is also key to accommodating the different styles of learner.  The online textbook means students can access it anytime, anywhere, so no excuses if they go on holiday!  I have also been impressed by the extension material provided to stretch and challenge students who wish to delve further into topics.  It has been an amazing resource to assist in the delivery of the new specification.  We’re looking forward to using the new A-Level bundle.”
Lisa Cookson, Head of Psychology, Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe

“I’m going with the green hair book, due to the online bundle.  We are buying a class set of books to stay in school and all homework etc will be set using the online bundle.  I think it’s well worth the investment, it has fantastic resources on there for teachers as well as students, for example links to clips, online quizzes with answers to allow students to mark etc.  I think it’s fab, so far everything matches up well with the spec too (I’m as far as planning for the second paper now) so have really studied it.”  
Teacher posting on online teacher forum

“Our students find the Year 1 DBB really useful and I have found it an excellent teaching resource.”
Head of Psychology, Buckinghamshire school

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