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Eduqas Physics for A Level Yr 2: Student Book

Author(s): Gareth Kelly, Nigel Wood

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 2

isbn: 978-1-908682-71-0

subject: Physics

Pages: 312



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Written by a team of authors experienced in teaching and examining Physics A level

Covers all the content of the specification together with a range of background information to allow students to achieve their full potential

Changes to content within topics and levels of required knowledge for the new spec are clearly defined

Thorough support for the assessment objectives is provided with clear explanations of the new assessment weightings

The increased mathematical requirements are thoroughly covered with focused sections and highlighted extra mathematics material throughout

Exam support sections introduce students to exam-style practice questions, the assessment objectives and guide students on the skills they need for assessment

Practical requirements for the exam are highlighted on a topic by topic basis, as well as extra support in a dedicated practical section within the book



Component 1: Newtonian physics


1.5 Circular motion

1.6 Vibrations

1.7 Kinetic theory

1.8 Thermal physics

Component 2: Electricity and the universe


2.4 Capacitance

2.6 Electrostatics and gravitational fields of force

2.8 Orbits and the wider universe

Component 3: Light, nuclei and options


3.6 Nuclear decay

3.8 Nuclear energy

3.9 The magnetic field

3.10 Electromagnetic induction



A Alternating currents

B Medical physics

C The physics of sports

D Energy and the environment

Mathematical and data-handling skills


Exam practice questions




Exam practice questions

Specification matching grid



About the authors:

Gareth Kelly  CPhys, MinstP, took a diploma in ionospheric physics before becoming a secondary school teacher and taught Physics at Penglais Comprehensive School, Aberystwyth, for 26 years.  He has been involved with A Level and GCSE Physics and Electronics for a major awarding body for almost ten years. 

Nigel Wood is an experienced Chief Examiner in A Level Physics for a major awarding body, and was formerly Head of Physics at Dulwich College, London