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AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS Student Book

Author(s): Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Matt Jarvis, Rob Liddle

awarding body: AQA

level: A Level Year 1 & AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-40-6

subject: Psychology

Pages: 240 pp



N.B. This is the current edition.  There is a new 2nd Edition of this book now published.

(For details of the new edition click here)


Written by leading psychology authors, Cara Flanagan, Dave Berry, Matt Jarvis and Rob Liddle, this Student Book has been approved by AQA. Designed to be motivating and student-friendly, its engaging visual style and tone will support you through every step of the course and help you prepare thoroughly for your exams.


AQA AS and A Level Psychology specification changes and our books

Click here to download the AQA AS and A Level Psychology minor specification changes (from September 2019) and their effect on our books and teaching.


Approved by AQA this book offers high quality support you can trust

Stunning visual style will help you engage with and absorb the information

Each topic is presented on one spread to help you grasp the whole topic, with description and evaluation clearly separated

Unique ‘Apply it’ activities provide plentiful opportunities to help you practise your application skills

Mathematics requirements are thoroughly covered with support provided throughout

Practical research activities will help you develop your research methods skills

Visual summaries help ensure you have a good grasp of the basics

Exam practice and skills guidance is provided for the assessment objectives and mark schemes

For invaluable revision support it combines brilliantly with the 'Green-hair Girl' Revision Guide, Flashbook and Revision App


How to use this book
What is Psychology?
Chapter 1  Social influence
Chapter 2  Memory
Chapter 3  Attachment
Chapter 4  Approaches in Psychology (including biopsychology)
Chapter 5  Psychopathology
Chapter 6  Research methods
Appendix: AS Level and A Level skills
Index with glossary


About the authors:

Cara Flanagan is one of the best-known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  A practiced teacher with examining experience, she is Senior Editor of Psychology Review and a well-known conference presenter. Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Dave Berry is a practised teacher with examining experience.  He regularly leads face-to-face and online training courses for a major awarding body.  Dave is Head of Psychology at Oldham Hulme Grammar School.

Matt Jarvis is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.   He taught psychology for 25 years, has examining experience and is currently Learning Technology and Innovation Manager for a Social Justice and Education charity. Matt is also an editor of Psychology Review.

Rob Liddle has more than twenty years' teaching experience in psychology, from GCSE to postgraduate study.  A psychology graduate with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Rob is an established author with examining experience.