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Media Studies

AQA Media Studies for AL Yr 1 & AS: Revision Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Hendry

awarding body: AQA

level: A Level Year 1 & AS

isbn: 978-1-911208-86-0

subject: Media Studies

Pages: 152 pp



Designed to complement the Student Book, this practical and concise Revision Guide supports students preparing for their AQA AS Media Studies assessment.

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Written by an experienced Media Studies teacher and examiner and presented in a clear and straightforward way making it accessible and easy to use

Contains just the right amount of detail students need to recap and revise the key content from the course

Provides examples of detailed analysis across the nine media forms using the theoretical framework and a selection of both the targeted and in-depth CSPs

Offers advice and guidance on approaching the various types of questions students may encounter in the exam



How to use this book 

Chapter 1 Media Language: Revising the Theoretical Framework

Chapter 2 Representations: Revising the Theoretical Framework

Chapter 3 Audience and Industry: Revising the Theoretical Framework

Chapter 4 Targeted CSPs: Exam Part A

Chapter 5 In-depth CSPs: Exam Part B


About the author:

Stephanie Hendry has over twenty years’ experience as a Media Studies teacher and has developed and run a high achieving Media Studies course at a leading College in Lancashire. She is the author of a range of A level Media resources and has been at the forefront of Teacher Support and CPD delivery for ten years, writing and delivering training for media teachers. Stephanie has examining and moderating experience.