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Edexcel Psychology for A Level Yr 1/ AS: Revision Guide

Author(s): Cara Flanagan, Rob Liddle, Julia Russell, Mandy Wood

awarding body: Edexcel

isbn: 978-1-912820-06-1

subject: Psychology

Pages: 144 pp



The portable-sized Revision Guide is ideal for consolidating knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a lesson-by-lesson summary as the course progresses.


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Each topic is covered on one spread helping students get straight to the point

Description (AO1) is on the left of the spread split into separate segments to aid revision

Evaluation (AO3) is on the right, each point illustrating the all-important chains of reasoning

Exam-style questions, including AO2 application questions on concepts and methods, are on every spread providing lots of practice

Detailed exam advice section is included, with hints and tips offered throughout the book

Lots of illustrations and the odd corny joke help make it very user-friendly!


About the authors:
Cara Flanagan is one of the best known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  An expert teacher with examining experience and a well-known conference presenter, Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Rob Liddle has more than twenty years' teaching experience in psychology, from GCSE to postgraduate study.  A psychology graduate with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Rob is an established author with examining experience.

Julia Russell is Head of Psychology at The Queen’s School, Chester and a lecturer on the MSc in Teaching of Psychology at Glyndwr University. She has extensive examining and authoring experience.

Mandy Wood is a psychology graduate with many years' experience of teaching the subject. She leads a thriving school department, teaching A Level and International Baccalaureate. Mandy runs workshops and training days for teachers and creates and shares resources with the teaching community.