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WJEC Eduqas GCSE Sociology: Student Book

Author(s): Steve Tivey, Marion Davies

awarding body: WJEC/Eduqas

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-911208-20-4

subject: Sociology

Pages: 286pp




Endorsed by WJEC Eduqas and written by two experienced teachers, this accessible and engaging Student Book provides high quality support you can trust

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"The book is expertly written with up-to-date and classic studies used to support theories and arguments. The pupils have found the content to be easy to follow and the book has allowed me to use innovative tasks to plan exciting lessons. I have been waiting a long time to find a textbook that signposts the keys skills such as applying knowledge; using examples and making comparisons with other aspects of  the course. The authors of this inspiring book have done this with aplomb. It is without reservation that I recommend the book to both experienced and inexperienced teachers. A must buy!"   Lee Poole, Head of Year and Head of Sociology, Katharine Lade Berkeley School.


This inspiring student book has been carefully designed to cover all areas of the WJEC Eduqas GCSE Sociology specification, and help students prepare for their exams

Accessible and student-friendly with engaging activities throughout to inspire and motivate students

Introductory page at the start of each chapter summarises the relevant Key People, Key Questions and Key Theories that will be covered

Colour-coded categories for Knowledge, Theory, Example, Comparison and Evaluation allow students to work logically through the content of the course and develop and improve their sociology skills

Exam practice and technique section provide advice and guidance on how to revise and helps students develop the skills needed for the exams

A variety of features throughout the book challenge learners to think for themselves and help develop their understanding of the topics



How to use this book

Component 1     Understanding Social Processes

Chapter 1             Key concepts and processes of cultural transmission

Chapter 2             Families

Chapter 3             Education

Component 2     Understanding Social Structures

Chapter 4             Social differentiation and stratification

Chapter 5             Crime and deviance

Research Methods

Chapter 6             Sociological enquiry and research methods

Exam practice and technique



About the Authors:

Steve Tivey is Assistant Headteacher at Ridgewood High School in Stourbridge, West Midlands. He is an experienced classroom teacher of GCSE and A Level Sociology and is Principal Examiner for GCSE Sociology for a major awarding body. Steve has developed a range of teaching resources for WJEC.

Marion Davies is a part-time teacher of Sociology at Caerleon Comprehensive School, South Wales. She is an experienced classroom teacher of GCSE and A Level Sociology and helped develop the new GCSE Sociology Specification and SAMs and the current A Level Specification and SAMs for a major awarding body.