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WJEC & Eduqas AL Biology: A Student Guide to Practical Work

Author(s): Dr Marianne Izen

awarding body: WJEC/Eduqas

level: A2 & Year 2
AS & Year 1

isbn: 978-1-911208-22-8

subject: Biology

Pages: 85pp



 An essential study companion for WJEC and Eduqas A Level Biology students.


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Endorsed by WJEC/Eduqas, offering you high quality support you can trust

Written by an experienced teacher and senior examiner Marianne Izen

Provides essential information students need to prepare for their practical assessments and carry out the practical tasks within their AS & Year 1 and A2 & Year 2 Biology course

Covers the 12 practical techniques required for assessment along with a description of the specified practical tasks

Examples of interesting practical tasks throughout reinforce and illustrate the key practical skills

Includes a clear description and explanation of the five criteria for practical assessment (CPACs) and how to achieve them

Outlines how students should write up their experiments to enhance their skills of analysis and evaluation and to develop a logical approach to reporting practical tasks

Practical tips and Grade boost tips provide advice on completing tasks and assessments and how to enhance performance in the practical assessments and exams

Differences reflecting progression from AS to A2 are clearly explained where applicable

A glossary gives concise meanings of many of the technical terms used in practical work

A section on spelling, punctuation and grammar helps students use appropriate language to describe their practical work




A:  Practical techniques

1.  Microscopy 

2.  Aseptic culture

3.  Food tests 

4.  Using whole organs and organisms 

5.  Looking at photographs 

B:  Experiments 

1.  How to design a lab experiment 

2.  How to design a field work experiment 

3.  Standard experiments 

4.  Writing up an experiment 

C:  Supporting your work

1.  Publications

2.  Use of language, spelling, punctuation and grammar 

D:  Assessment of practical work

1.  Practical techniques

2.  Specified practical work

3.  Criteria for practical assessment

4.  Your practical assessment




About the author

Dr Marianne Izen has over thirty years' experience as an A Level Biology teacher and examiner, and has provided science teacher training for schools across the UK.  Before teaching, Marianne conducted research in universities in both the UK and the USA, on plant cells and published papers on their behaviour in tissue culture.  She is a Principal Examiner for a major awarding body.