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PE and Sport

Cambridge National Level 1/2 Sport Science

This title will be available from Friday 28 August, 2020.

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Author(s): Simon Dutson, Will Swaithes

awarding body: OCR

level: Level 1/2

isbn: 978-1-912820-37-5

subject: Physical Education

Pages: 240 pp



Publishing August 2020

Written by experienced PE teachers, this new resource is designed to be highly visual, accessible, and practical. Entered into the OCR endorsement process, this new Student Book offers high quality support you can trust.

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Provides a student-friendly checklist of the specification content being covered in each unit

‘Before you get started’ feature establishes what students already know at the beginning of a topic

Presented in a ‘Knowledge organiser’ format to give a clear and concise overview of the key content

Includes tips and ideas to remember key information, ‘application of knowledge’ activities and ‘extend your knowledge’ tasks to help prepare for assessment

Contains plenty of practice questions for the examination units

Covers all the mandatory and optional units for this qualification


How to use this book

RO41 Reducing the risk of sports injuries
LO1 Understand different factors which influence the risk of injury
LO2 Understand how appropriate warm up and cool down routines can help to prevent injury
LO3 Know how to respond to injuries within a sporting context
LO4 Know how to respond to common medical conditions

RO42 Applying principles of training
LO1 Know the principles of training in a sporting context
LO2 Know how training methods target different fitness components
LO3 Be able to conduct fitness tests
LO4 Be able to develop fitness training programmes

RO43 The body’s response to physical activity
LO1 Know the key components of the musculo-skeletal and cardiorespiratory systems, their functions and roles
LO2 Understand the importance of the musculo-skeletal and cardiorespiratory systems in health and fitness
LO3 Be able to assess the short-term effects of physical activity on the musculo-skeletal and cardio-respiratory systems
LO4 Be able to assess the long-term effects of physical activity on the musculo-skeletal and cardio-respiratory systems

RO44 Sport psychology
LO1 Understand the relationship between personality and sports performance   
LO2 Know how motivation can affect sports performance
LO3 Know how aggression can affect sports performance
LO4 Understand the impact of arousal and anxiety on sports performance
LO5 Be able to apply sport psychology strategies to enhance sports performance

RO45 Sports nutrition
LO1 Know about the nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet
LO2 Understand the importance of nutrition in sport
LO3 Know about the effects of a poor diet on sports performance and participation
LO4 Be able to develop diet plans for performers

RO46 Technology in sport
LO1 Know how technology is used in sport          
LO2 Understand the positive effects of sports technology
LO3 Understand the negative effects of sports technology
LO4 Be able to evaluate the impact of technology in sport


About the authors:

Simon Dutson has 20 years' experience in education as a teacher, manager, assessor, quality assurer, standards verifier and lead examiner. Simon's specialist subject is sport and sport science and has taught in both higher and further education in the public and private sectors. Simon has worked for a range of awarding bodies since 2014 and has been involved in writing and reviewing qualifications as well as examining and leading teams of examiners. Currently teaching in the FE sectors, Simon also provides consultancy work for private training providers on quality assurance processes ensuring compliance and Ofsted readiness.  

Will Swaithes has over 20 years’ experience in education. As a teacher, teacher educator, school leader and mentor of teaching and learning he achieved Advanced Skills Teacher status in 2008 before becoming a Specialist Leader of Education in 2012. He has been involved in examining and moderating for several awarding bodies since 2006 and regularly provides training to teachers. Will led on examination PE for 14 years and has an impressive track record of student results at GCSE, A level and on vocational courses. He also spent 4 years as Head of PE and Achievement for the Youth Sport Trust and continues to author and deliver training for them as well as working closely with Loughborough University.