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Food, Hospitality and Catering

AQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition: Revision Guide

Author(s): Anita Tull

awarding body: AQA

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-908682-80-2

subject: Food Preparation and Nutrition

Pages: 152 pp



An invaluable aid for consolidating knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a topic-by-topic summary as the course progresses.


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AQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition Revision Guide won the Food Teachers Centre Big Revision Guide Review 2017.  It was awarded the most stars compared to Hodder, CGP and Collins with 52 out of a possible 60.

“The engaging pages of this revision guide offer students plenty of useful techniques to help in a practical way, reinforce their learning, revise and prepare for the exam. The layout is clear and easy to follow and will encourage students to work through the book both in class and at home. With its attractive, bright, unpretentious layout and pertinent illustrations which relate to students' lives, this revision guide will stimulate and encourage revision. The extensive amount of different and differentiated revision activities, tips and advice provide support for both students and teachers.“ 
Joe Mann, Food Teachers Centre


Written by renowned author Dr Anita Tull, this revision guide will provide your students with reassuring support as they study through the course and all the essential knowledge they need to revise for their written exam. The information is presented in a colourful and highly visual way, with numerous photos and diagrams used to help explain key concepts

Summaries are included for every topic in the course

Mindmaps help students remember what they are revising

Key terms needed for exam answers are provided for every topic

Activities provide support for learning topics and testing knowledge

Revision Tips give ideas and suggestions about different ways of revising

Exam skills and techniques are reinforced with a dedicated chapter of advice and guidance

Practice exam-style questions (with answers available) provide plenty of practice for the exam



Chapter 1: Nutrients

Chapter 2: Nutritional needs and health

Chapter 3: Cooking of food and heat transfer

Chapter 4: Functional and chemical properties of food

Chapter 5: Food spoilage and contamination

Chapter 6: Principles of food safety

Chapter 7: Factors affecting food choice

Chapter 8: British and international cuisines

Chapter 9: Sensory evaluation

Chapter 10: Environmental impact and sustainability

Chapter 11: Processing and production

Chapter 12: Getting ready for the written examination



About the author:

Dr Anita Tull is the author of several renowned student books, including AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (also by Illuminate) and Food and Nutrition 3rd Edition. She has worked in food and cooking skills education for forty years and has taught food, nutrition and cooking skills to children, teenagers and adults in a range of different schools and community initiatives; and hospitality and catering in a further education college. In 2015 she was awarded a PhD by the Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London.