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Food, Hospitality and Catering

AQA GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition: Digital Book Bundle

Author(s): Anita Tull, Garry Littlewood, Gill Maitland, Karen Worger

awarding body: AQA

isbn: 978-1-908682-79-6

subject: Food Preparation and Nutrition

Pages: 344 pp



Simple to use. No subscription. Access anywhere

The Digital Book Bundle comprises both the Student and Teacher Digital Book and is designed to support you teaching, planning and delivering this new course.

The Bundle is available for a one-off and affordable price -  this is not a subscription product. N.B. From 1.5.20 this is no longer subject to VAT.

The Digital Book works on a wide range of web browsers, is simple to use and is designed to look as good on your tablet as your computer or whiteboard.


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Student Digital Book

Designed to be used alongside the Student Book, the digital version really enhances learning

Provides a wide range of custom-made materials and resources, created especially for the qualification, accessed via special ‘hot-spots’ on the page, including:

Films of all the key cooking techniques and skills

Animations explaining difficult scientific concepts

All resources have been carefully designed to be student-focused and are hosted on a website so you and your students can access them whenever you are online


Teacher Digital Book

Allows you to easily integrate digital resources into your teaching

Can be used front-of-class to enhance teaching and learning, or accessed anywhere to assist in lesson preparation

All the content and functionality of the Student Digital Book plus a wide range of other resources created especially for the course, including:

 Additional ‘teacher-tested’ recipes in printable A4 format that work within a standard-length lesson

 Step-by-steps from the films ready to print

 Engaging activities in pdf format

 Numerous practice questions and a suggested Scheme of Learning


About the authors:

Dr Anita Tull is the author of several renowned student books, including AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (also by Illuminate) and Food and Nutrition 3rd Edition. She has worked in food and cooking skills education for forty years and has taught food, nutrition and cooking skills to children, teenagers and adults in a range of different schools and community initiatives; and hospitality and catering in a further education college. In 2015 she was awarded a PhD by the Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London.

Garry Littlewood is a Subject Leader for Food at Huntington School, York and teaches KS3, GCSE and A Level. He is involved in a CPD programme for the school and the City of York. In addition to teaching, Garry has moderating and GCSE specification development experience. He is co-author of the AQA GCSE Food Technology endorsed student book.

Gill Maitland is Deputy Head Teacher at The Duchess's Community High School, Alnwick, with responsibility for teaching and learning. She has undertaken research projects with the Campaign for Learning and has taught Food and Nutrition courses and AQA Food Technology at GCSE and A level for many years. Gill has examining and GCSE specification development experience.

Karen Worger is Senior Assistant Headteacher at Wollaston School in Northamptonshire. She has taught KS3 Food Technology, GCSE Food Technology and BTEC Hospitality for many years. Karen has moderating and examining experience for GCSE and has authored teacher resources for teachers and students at KS4.