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AQA Psychology for A Level & AS: Your Guide to Exam Success!

This title will be available from Friday 26 March, 2021.

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Author(s): Cara Flanagan

awarding body: AQA

level: A Level & AS

isbn: 978-1-913963-07-1

subject: Psychology



Publishing late March 2021!

Written by the UK's most trusted author for A Level Psychology.

Put this advice into practice and it will help your students get the grade they deserve.

Whether your students are aiming for an A* or a C this guide is a friend to keep with them from the start of their course to the end of Year 2.

You and your students can use this Guide regardless of your choice of student book.

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What's in the Guide to Exam Success?

Chapter 1: The specification

Looking at what the words in the specification actually mean and how they translate into exam questions.

Chapter 2: The exam and skills required

All you need to know abou how the different skills are examined and what you need to do to develop these skills

Chapter 3: Research methods and mathematical content

If you attain full marks on these questions, you have almost achieved a pass mark on this content alone.

Chapter 4: Understanding how exam answers are marked

An understanding into the examining process so you can provide the right kind of answers. Probably more than you want to know.

Chapter 5: Studying and revising

Little and often. Make a plan and keep revisiting and adapting it to make sure it works for you. Keep returning to this chapter to consider new ideas.

Chapter 6: Aiming for A*

Life is what you make it.

Chapter 7: Taking the exam

How to use your time wisely in the weeks leading up to the exam, and also in the exam itself.

Chapter 8: Mock exams

One for AS and one for A level. Mark schemes, suggested answers and examiner comments are provided online.

References and answers

About the author

Cara Flanagan is one of the best-known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  A practiced teacher with examining experience, she is Senior Editor of Psychology Review and a well-known conference presenter. Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.