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AQA Psychology for A Level Yr 2 Revision Guide: 2nd Ed

Author(s): Flanagan, Griffin, Haycock, Jarvis, Liddle, Mohamedbhai

awarding body: AQA

level: A Level Year 2

isbn: 978-1-912820-47-4

subject: Psychology

Pages: 256 pp




A brand new edition of this incredibly popular revision guide, this portable-sized book has been revised to reflect the enhancements made to the new 2nd Edition Student Book. It is ideal for consolidating knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a lesson-by-lesson summary as the course progresses.



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So what’s new?

AO1 Description
Content divided into six points for six AO1 marks in extended writing questions.
Language and reading level has been amended for maximum readability.

AO3 Evaluation
There are now three AO3 points plus counterpoint and extra evaluation (discussion) point.

AO2 Application
Updated application questions on every spread provide plenty of practice.

Exam practice questions have been reviewed and amended to better reflect assessment practice.

Research studies have been simplified to help revise and recall the information.

Detailed exam advice section is included, with hints and tips offered throughout the book.

Lots of illustrations and the odd corny joke help make it very user-friendly!

It combines brilliantly with the 'Pink-hair Girl' 2nd Edition Flashbook as well as the original (and still completely relevant) Revision App.

Download the Knowledge Check Answers for the 2nd Ed Year 2 Revision Guide


Exam advice

Chapter 1: Approaches in psychology

Chapter 2: Biopsychology

Chapter 3: Research methods

Chapter 4: Issues and debates in psychology 

Chapter 5: Relationships

Chapter 6: Gender

Chapter 7: Cognition and development

Chapter 8: Schizophrenia

Chapter 9: Eating behaviour

Chapter 10: Stress

Chapter 11: Aggression

Chapter 12: Forensic psychology

Chapter 13: Addiction


About the authors

Cara Flanagan is one of the best-known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  A practiced teacher with examining experience, she is Senior Editor of Psychology Review and a well-known conference presenter. Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Michael Griffin is an Assistant Headteacher at a comprehensive school in Nottingham and has previously led highly successful psychology departments.  Michael is well known for published resources and creative ideas for the teaching of psychology.  He delivers training courses for psychology teachers and frequently visits schools to offer in-house support.

Jo Haycock is Head of Psychology and Sixth Form at Sir John Talbot’s School, Shropshire. and runs a teacher support group for A Level Psychology teachers.  Jo was an Associate Lecturer for the Open University and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education.

Matt Jarvis is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.   He taught psychology for 25 years, has examining experience and is currently Learning Technology and Innovation Manager for a Social Justice and Education charity. Matt is also an editor of Psychology Review.

Rob Liddle has more than twenty years' teaching experience in psychology, from GCSE to postgraduate study.  A psychology graduate with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Rob is an established author with examining experience.

Arwa Mohamedbhai currently teaches psychology and is Head of Year 12 at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Lancashire.  Arwa is an experienced examiner with a major awarding body.