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AQA Psychology for A Level Yr 2 Digital Book Bundle: 2nd Ed

This title will be available from Friday 30 October, 2020.

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Author(s): Flanagan, Haycock, Jarvis, Liddle, Jones, Jones, Johnson

awarding body: AQA

level: A Level Year 2

isbn: 978-1-912820-49-8

subject: Psychology



Publishing end of October 2020. 

Designed to support you planning and delivering this course this is a new edition of the immensely popular web-based resource comprising 2nd Edition Student and Teacher Digital Books for Year 2.  Each bundle is a one-off price - no annual subscription charges and no price band per size of institution.   N.B. This is subject to VAT @ 20%

Please note that customers of the 1st Edition are entitled to purchase the 2nd Edition at a fantastic discount! 

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So what's changing?

The bundle includes a digital version of the 2nd Edition Student Book.

Refocused and amended 'hotspot' features in the Student Digital Book reflect the Student Book changes and continue to enhance students' understanding.

Questions have been checked and updated to better reflect assessment practice.

Activities and accompanying teacher notes in the Teacher Digital Book have been reviewed and updated, and some new activities introduced, to reflect the enhancements and improvements made to the Student Books.


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An introduction (please note that this will be updated to the 2nd Edition version soon):

Features of the Digital Book Bundle:

Student Digital Book

Digital version of the Student Book your students can access wherever they are online.

Features linked to every topic and spread in the book provide invaluable material that enhances the use of the Student Book:

'Lifelines' are very straightforward, easy-to-digest key descriptive points for the spread topic.  Ideal for students struggling to grasp the essential points

'Extensions' - extra information, studies or activities challenge and stretch higher ability students further

Answers are provided for all the 'Apply it' questions in the Student Book

Web links to relevant and useful YouTube videos or other sites

Quizzes - interactive, self-marking quizzes will help to check and reinforce your students' understanding of a topic

Practice questions - lots of extra questions help your students practise and prepare for their exams

Teacher Digital Book

All the content and functionality of the Student Digital Book plus a rich bank of ready-to-run resources with detailed teacher notes to help you design a scheme of work

Each topic has a range of supporting activities and resources in PDF and PowerPoint format, for example:

Opportunities to practise AO2 application skills

Practical research activities

Consolidation activities for reflection or revision

Research methods activities

PowerPoint presentations to introduce topics

Presentation tools will help you present the Digital Book to your students in class:

Pen for annotations and a highlighter with a choice of colours

Hide/show feature for annotations

Eraser for deleting any annotation

Page zoom for magnifying selected parts of the page


About the authors

Teacher Digital Book

Cara Flanagan is one of the best known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  An expert teacher with examining experience and a well-known conference presenter, Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Jo Haycock is Head of Psychology, Newport Girls' High School, Newport and runs a teacher support group for A Level Psychology teachers.  Jo is an Associate Lecturer for the Open University and has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education.

Ruth Jones is a practised teacher with examining experience and is Head of Psychology at a school ranked 'outstanding' by Ofsted in its last two inspections. Ruth also has a Masters Degree in Education.

Mark Jones is Head of A Level Psychology at a large and successful FE college in Bristol. Mark has many years' examining experience and has also worked as an advanced practitioner, liaising with teachers and colleges to help improve performance.

Zoe Johnson is an experienced teacher of psychology with 14 years experience teaching at a Sixth Form College in Staffordshire. Zoe is also a psychology examiner and CPD trainer for a major awarding body.

Student Digital Book

Cara Flanagan is one of the best known and most respected authors for A Level Psychology.  An expert teacher with examining experience and a well-known conference presenter, Cara is renowned for creating resources that students love to use.

Matt Jarvis is an experienced teacher of psychology from GCSE to postgraduate level.  He is an experienced examiner and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  Matt currently teaches psychology at a sixth form college and holds the titles of Honorary Research Fellow at Keele University.

Rob Liddle has more than twenty years' teaching experience in psychology, from GCSE to postgraduate study.  A psychology graduate with a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Rob is an established author with examining experience.