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Welsh Language

CBAC TGAU Cerddoriaeth Canllaw Adolygu

Author(s): Jan Richards

awarding body: WJEC

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-911208-94-5

subject: Music

Pages: 119pp



This practical and concise revision guide is designed to support students preparing for their WJEC GCSE Music assessment.

Provides the necessary musical information in a succinct and accessible format, ensuring students are fully equipped for assessment

Offers students the opportunity to practise identifying the elements of music when listening, and how they are used in composing  

Highlights the required Musical Terms with definitions and includes plenty of Practice Questions to assist students in developing their musical theory skills 

Provides help and advice on how to approach the listening examination and coursework

Contains Sample Exam Questions with example answers and commentaries to demonstrate ways to approach the exam aspect of the course

Free audio clips and web links to music to accompany this book are provided via a dedicated website. 'Listening' icons alongside relevant sections within the book indicate when to go online.

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