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OCR GCSE Drama Student Book

Author(s): Annie Fox

awarding body: OCR

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-911208-73-0

subject: Drama

Pages: 248pp



A new resource to help you plan and deliver the OCR GCSE Drama specification

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Written by experienced teacher and author Annie Fox and endorsed by OCR offering support you can trust

Colourful, highly visual and accessible approach with practical activities throughout to engage students of all abilities

Contains detailed analysis and description of all set plays

Includes many contemporary examples of drama writing, staging, performance and interpretation allowing students to explore key skills in an appropriate context

Key drama terminology is identified and defined throughout

Suitable for specialist and non-specialist drama teachers




Introduction to OCR GCSE Drama

How you will be assessed

How to use this book

The role of theatre makers in contemporary practice



Drama: Performance and Response

Section A Performance Texts

How to read a text

Performing a text

Blood Brothers

Death of a Salesman

Find Me



Missing Dan Nolan


Section B Evaluation of Live Performance

Devising Drama

Presenting and Performing Texts



About the author

Annie Fox was the Head of Drama and Lead Teacher for Gifted and Talented Pupils in a state comprehensive that routinely achieved outstanding results.  After studying in New York and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, she worked as an actor for over a decade, before training to teach. She has played a key role in training Drama teachers and been an Associate Moderator for a major awarding body.  Annie is also an experienced English teacher and author.