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Health, Social and Childcare

WJEC GCSE Child Development: Student Book

Author(s): Kate Ford, Susan Gould, Christine Henning, Beverley Parry

awarding body: WJEC

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-908682-15-4

subject: Home Economics/Child Development

Pages: 276 pp



"An excellent book, well worth the money. Two more have since been ordered for members of staff to use. "

Endorsed by WJEC this textbook covers course content in just the right detail and provides invaluable support for your students completing their controlled assessments.

Covers essential course knowledge in a clear, colourful and highly accessible way

Makes explicit connections between what students learn and how they apply this to the Child Study and the Child Focused Task

Advises your students on how to structure and shape their coursework

Provides thorough exam preparation and practice with dedicated exam practice sections


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Key features:

Core topics covered in just the right amount of detail

What will I learn?  Tells students exactly what they need to know in each topic in an accessible and readable style

Key terms are clearly highlighted and defined on each spread

Child Study activity helps students apply their knowledge from each topic and use it in their ongoing Child Study

Child Study and Child Focused Task sections help your students produce their coursework, provide ideas on building the evidence portfolio and writing up the final presentation

Stretch and challenge activities help stretch the brightest students

Exam tips help refine exam technique, make improvements and avoid common mistakes

Check your understanding questions help students check they have understood the key ideas on a topic

Exam practice questions provide lots of opportunities for practice and reinforcement



Unit 1  Principles of Child Development
Topic 1  Family and Child
Types of family
Functions and responsibility of the family
Support for the family and child

Topic 2 Food and Health
Principles of a healthy diet
Dietary aims and goals
Special dietary needs
Food safety

Topic 3  Pregnancy
Preparation for pregnancy
Foetal development
Antenatal care
Birth of the baby
Postnatal care

Topic 4 Physical Development
Stages of physical development
Factors affecting physical development

Topic 5  Intellectual Development
Stages of intellectual development
Learning through play
Learning aids
Learning to read
Learning to write and draw
Learning about numbers
Examination guidance

Topic 6 Social and Emotional Development
Stages of social development
Factors affecting social development
Stages of emotional development
Factors affecting emotional development

Unit 2 The Child Study

Unit 3  The Child Focused Task



About the authors:

Kate Ford obtained her PGCE from Cardiff University, and has been teaching Child Development for over 15 years.  During that time she has worked as a Moderator and Examiner for Child Development specifications for a major awarding body.

Susan Gould has had many years' experience teaching Child Development.  She is an Examiner and Principal Moderator for GCSE Child Development with a leading awarding body.

Christine Henning has been teaching for nearly 30 years in Secondary Education within Home Economics, and is also a tutor in Lifelong Learning Adult Education.  She has been a GCSE Moderator and Examiner for Child Development for a major awarding body for many years.

Beverley Parry worked in secondary education for 28 years teaching Child Development, Food Technology, Hospitality and Food and Nutrition from Key Stage 3 to A Level.  She is an Examiner for GCSE Child Development and Food Technology for a major awarding body.

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