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Health, Social and Childcare

WJEC GCSE Health and Social Care, and Childcare

Author(s): Mark Walsh

awarding body: WJEC

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-911208-95-2

subject: Health and Social Care, and Childcare

Pages: 224 pp



Designed specifically for the new qualifications in Wales introduced from September 2019

Written by an experienced Health and Social Care teacher and author, this Student Book is designed to be accessible, flexible, practical and student-friendly.


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Provides comprehensive coverage of new specification requirements to support students through the course

Includes unique and relevant case studies specific to Wales to engage students with the content and help them apply their learning to real-life scenarios

A dedicated assessment section helps students thoroughly prepare for both their Non-Exam Assessment and exams



How to use this book
Examination practice and technique

Unit 1 – Human Growth, Development and Well-being
Human development across the life cycle
Physical, social, emotional and intellectual health
Active participation, development and well-being
Early intervention and prevention for health and well-being

Unit 2 – Promoting and Maintaining Health and Well-being
Health and social care, and childcare provision in Wales
Public health and health promotion across the lifecycle
Factors affecting health and well-being across the lifecycle

Unit 3 – Health and Social Care, and Childcare in the 21st Century
Equality, diversity and inclusion
Contemporary issues in health and social care, and childcare
Supporting a health and social care, and childcare system in the 21st century

Unit 4 – Promoting and Supporting Health and Well-being to Achieve Positive Outcomes
Improving the health of the nation
How types of care can support individuals to achieve positive outcomes
Supporting self-identity, self-worth, sense of security and resilience across the lifecycle
Meaningful activities to support and promote health, development and well-being



About the author:

Mark Walsh grew up and attended school in north Wales. He is an experienced teacher and an established author of many successful textbooks, specialising in health and social care and mental health.

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