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Eduqas Physics for Yr 1 & AS: Study & Rev Guide

Author(s): Gareth Kelly, Iestyn Morris, Nigel Wood

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 1 & AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-72-7

subject: Physics

Pages: 209pp



Endorsed by Eduqas, this new Study and Revision Guide is designed to make your students' revision fly! 

Take a look!


Written by an experienced teacher and examiner

Provides the essential underpinning knowledge your students will need to recap and revise the studies, theories and key terms in their course

Supports the development of skills students need to correctly interpret and answer the new exam questions

Includes plenty of practice questions, with commentaries so students can see where mistakes are typically made and where extra marks can be gained

Exam practice and technique section offers advice on how exam questions are set and marked


Knowledge and Understanding:

Component 1 Motion, Energy and Matter

1.1 Basic physics

1.2 Kinematics

1.3 Dynamics

1.4 Energy concepts

1.5 Solids under stress

1.6 Using radiation to investigate stars

1.7 Particles and nuclear structure

Component 2 Electricity and Light

2.1 The conduction of electricity

2.2 Resistance

2.3 DC circuits

2.4 The nature of waves

2.5 Wave properties

2.6 Refraction of light 

2.7 Photons

2.8 Lasers

3 Practical and data handling skills

4 Exam practice and technique

Answering exam questions

Exam tips

Practice questions

Questions and answers

Quickfire answers

Extra questions answers

Practice questions answers


About the authors:

Gareth Kelly  CPhys, MinstP, graduated in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University.  He taught Physics at Penglais Comprehensive School, Aberystwyth, for 26 years.  He has been involved with A Level and GCSE Physics and Electronics for a major awarding body for over ten years. 

Iestyn Morris studied Physics at Aberystwyth before being awarded the Sir Granville Beynon prize there and graduating with first class honours for his degree. He has a PhD in Optical Characterisation of Semiconductors and has published work in numerous research areas over the years. He has set and marked A Level exams for a major awarding body for many years.

Nigel Wood is an experienced Chief Examiner in A Level Physics for a major awarding body, and was formerly Head of Physics at Dulwich College, London