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Maths, Numeracy and Statistics

OCR Advanced FSMQ - Additional Mathematics

Author(s): Stephen Doyle

awarding body: OCR

level: Advanced FSMQ

isbn: 978-1-908682-47-5

subject: Mathematics

Pages: 322pp



The OCR endorsed textbook is an excellent step-by-step approach to Advanced FSMQ Additional Maths (2002 specification) and covers the majority of the content for first teaching 2018 specification, helping students make the transition to A Level.  

Concepts and techniques are clearly explained and reinforced with plenty of examples, practice questions and advice on exam skills help prepare students to succeed.

Written by best-selling author, examiner and teacher Stephen Doyle.


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Key formulae are clearly highlighted

Extra notes add clarity to explanations

'Tips' give useful extra advice

'Take Note!' comments help students avoid potential pitfalls

'Progress Checks' help check students' understanding before they move on

'Topic summaries' offer a clear and simple overview of key formulae and points of learning

'Test Yourself' and Exam Practice sections provide plenty of practice for  students

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Section 1:   Algebra

Topic 1:      Revision of the basics

Topic 2:      Manipulation of algebraic expressions

Topic 3:     The remainder and factor theorems and solving cubic equations

Topic 4:      Problem solving and inequalities

Topic 5:     The binomial expansion and probability

Section 2:  Coordinate geometry

Topic 6:     Coordinate geometry of straight lines

Topic 7:     Coordinate geometry of the circle

Topic 8:     Inequalities and linear programming

Section 3: Trigonometry

Topic 9:    Trigonometric ratios and the graphs of sine, cosine and tangent

Topic 10:  Trigonometric identities and solving trigonometric equations

Section 4: Calculus

Topic 11:  Differentiation

Topic 12:  Integration

Topic 13:  Definite integration

Topic 14:  Application of calculus to kinematics



About the author:

Stephen Doyle is an experienced Mathematics teacher, examiner and bestselling author.  He has taught in a variety of schools and colleges and has written and contributed to numerous books and other learning resources.  He has written all of Illuminate's WJEC A Level Mathematics Study and Revision Guides as well as Mathematics for A Level Chemistry.