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Maths, Numeracy and Statistics

Maths for A Level Physics

Author(s): Gareth Kelly, Nigel Wood

awarding body: AQA, Pearson, OCR, WJEC, CCEA

level: A Level and AS

isbn: 978-1-908682-91-8

subject: Physics

Pages: 190pp



Written by senior examiners, this full-colour course companion helps students develop a thorough understanding of the essential mathematical skills required in A Level Physics

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Helps students understand how and why mathematical formulae work in physics and gives them the techniques they need to answer the range of exam questions effectively

Provides lots of practical advice, exemplified by numerous physics questions, on how students can build their all-important mathematical understanding which is of great importance in the A Level Physics exams

Topic-based content starts from basic fundamentals and slowly builds skills and understanding, using physics problems as the key worked examples throughout

Includes content on sinusoidal functions, complicated graphs and complex numbers

Detailed explanations within numerous worked examples help students understand the thinking behind each mathematical technique and how and when to use them

Numerous test yourself questions provide plenty of practice and skill reinforcement

Data exercises provide practice in using techniques to handle data and plot results

Quickfire quizzes rapidly reinforce skills and understanding as a topic progresses

Pointers provide hints for refining exam technique and avoiding common mistakes

The material has been mapped against the mathematical requirements criteria for all A Level Physics courses from AQA, Pearson, OCR and WJEC, CCEA, the International Baccalaureate, the Oxford University Physics Aptitude Test and the Cambridge Pre-U



Maths: Physics content Map

How to use this book

  1. Quantities, Units and Dimensions
  2. Basic Algebra
  3. Further Algebra
  4. Indices and Logarithms
  5. Geometry and Trigonometry
  6. Graphs
  7. Vectors
  8. Oscillations
  9. Fields
  10. Calculus
  11. Differential Equations
  12. Complex Numbers
  13. Miscellaneous Proofs and Derivations

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About the authors:

Gareth Kelly CPhys, MinstP, took a diploma in Ionospheric Physics before becoming a secondary school teacher and taught Physics at Penglais Comprehensive School, Aberystwyth for 26 years.  He has been involved with A Level and GCSE Physics and Electronics for a major awarding body for almost ten years.

Nigel Wood is an experienced Chief Examiner in A Level Physics for a major awarding body, and was formerly Head of Physics at Dulwich College, London.