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Maths, Numeracy and Statistics

AQA GCSE Statistics

Author(s): Jayne Roper

awarding body: AQA

level: GCSE

isbn: 978-1-912820-02-3

subject: Mathematics

Pages: 308pp



Everything you need for the new AQA specification in one comprehensive, full-colour resource.

Written and developed by experienced Maths and Statistics teachers and examiners, this new Student Book offers high quality support you can trust.


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Designed to help students become confident with statistical techniques, and give them the competence to apply them within the Statistical Enquiry Cycle

A core resource to support teachers in the planning and delivery of the new AQA GCSE Statistics specification

Key terminology is highlighted and identified throughout

Plenty of 'test yourself' exercises and examples with worked solutions to help students practise the skills they need for assessment

Provides content and support for both Foundation and Higher Tier candidates


Ch1 Data and Tables

Ch2 Sampling

Ch3 Charts and Diagrams (1)

Ch4 Probability (1)

Ch5 Averages (1)

Ch6 Charts and Diagrams (2)

Ch7 Averages (2)

Ch8 Cumulative Frequency

Ch9 Probability (2)

Ch10 Charts and Diagrams (3)

Ch11 Scatter Diagrams, Correlation and Regression

Ch12 Standard Deviation, Skew and the Normal Distribution

Ch13 The Statistical Enquiry Cycle


About the author:

Jayne Roper has over 18 years of teaching and examining experience. She is currently a Senior Examiner for a major awarding body on GCSE Maths specifications and Chief Examiner of a Functional Skills Maths qualification. She has contributed to a variety of Maths and Statistics textbooks.

About the consultant editor:

Shaun Procter-Green is a full-time teacher of Maths and Statistics as well as Chief Examiner for GCSE Statistics and Lead Examiner for Maths for a major awarding body. As a fellow of the RSS he believes passionately in the importance of statistical education for all.