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Maths, Numeracy and Statistics

WJEC Mathematics for AS Level: Applied

Author(s): Stephen Doyle

awarding body: WJEC

level: AS

isbn: 978-1-911208-52-5

subject: Mathematics

Pages: 203pp



This scheme provides detailed yet accessible coverage of the new WJEC Mathematics AS and A Level specifications.


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Written by bestselling author Stephen Doyle, the new WJEC Mathematics for AS Level - Applied Student Book will support and motivate students through the course and help them prepare thoroughly for their exams

Endorsed by WJEC, this Student Book offers high quality support you can trust

Provides thorough coverage of all the topics in the AS Level Applied specification and includes Test Yourself and Grade Boost advice to help students achieve their potential 

Knowledge, understanding and skills are developed throughout

Provides extra support for the new problem solving and unstructured questions in the specification with a "Step by Step" feature

Plenty of examples with worked answers throughout to enable students to check their understanding as they progress through the course

Includes answers to questions so students are able to check their work at all times



How to use this book

Revision checklist

Section A Statistics

Topic 1 Statistical sampling

Topic 2 Data presentation and interpretation

Topic 3 Probability

Topic 4 Statistical distributions

Topic 5 Statistical hypothesis testing

Section B: Mechanics

Topic 1 Quantities and units in mechanics

Topic 2 Kinematics

Topic 3 Dynamics of a particle

Topic 4 Vectors

Formulae given in the examination

Formulae that need to be remembered

Test yourself answers


About the author:

Stephen Doyle is an experienced Mathematics teacher, examiner and bestselling author with over 30 years' experience.  He has taught in a variety of schools and colleges and has written and contributed to numerous books and other learning resources.